Blue Highways

I'm preparing to hit the open road. I have a box full of books, a iPhone full of music, a camera full of film, and a copy of Blue Highways, the back roads memoir from William Least Heat Moon. This copy is a cherished treasure in that it bears the following inscription:

"For John Kiedis - good cheer! William Least Heat Moon, 1984"

Dad had an acute appreciation for America. He and my mom instilled in me a love for the open road and wide-open spaces. So I'll be traveling the blue highways as much as possible as I journey to a lake house in Arkansas for a two-week study break.

I'm living the dream! I absolutely love my work. The church I serve is wonderful. They are generous at the core, devoted to Christ, and growing in love and service all the time. I work with remarkable people every day: godly, sacrificial, fun, devoted, and exceptionally good at what they do. My family loves me and my amazing wife has walked with me for almost 30 years now. Solomon’s words resonate with me:

Behold, what I have seen to be good and fitting is to eat and drink and find enjoyment in all the toil with which one toils under the sun the few days of his life that God has given him, for this is his lot. Everyone also to whom God has given wealth and possessions and power to enjoy them, and to accept his lot and rejoice in his toil—this is the gift of God. For he will not much remember the days of his life because God keeps him occupied with joy in his heart. (Ecclesiastes 5:18-20 ESV)

God is good all the time! These days I am experiencing his goodness in the bright days and scenic turns of the blue highways of life. This too is the gift of God!

MY PRAYER: Lord, thank you for your goodness at every turn on the blue highways of life.