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I focus on how to “think biblically” about every facet of life. I step outside of the fish bowl called “life” and then, peering back through the glass, evaluate what I am seeing and experiencing from God’s perspective.

Why? I appreciate the words of Os Guinness in his book, Fools Talk: Recovering The Art of Christian Persuasion,

There are huge differences in the ways that different societies and different worldviews see reality. The reason is that even in our waking worlds each bring to our experience of reality the framework or view of the world in which we understand and interpret reality. Such worldviews shape the focus we bring to bear on the world, and therefore shape our attention, and this in turn affects both what we see and (importantly) what we do not see. Thus the world will look very different to an Oxford atheist, an Australian bushman, a Hindu holy man and a Catholic construction worker in a Polish shipyard. (Fools Talk, page 150)

If God defines the ultimate reality (and I believe he does), then I will assess all of life from his perspective. I believe this is what the Apostle Paul did on Mars Hill and that God wants us to do it as well. Writing and sharing these thoughts is part of the way I practice the admonition, "exhort one another every day" (Hebrews 3:13).


Conversation: Consider me a friend. I am pastor and teacher, but I don’t use the blog as a soapbox. Jesus said, “Come follow me.” I did. And now I’m sharing what I’m learning as I go.

Encouragement: I’ve got a hunch that you’ve got a lot going on and could use a little encouragement along the way. I love to encourage.

Variety: I love to incorporate stories from my reading, experiences from my travels, and reflections from my ups and downs as a follower of Jesus.

about me

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Hi, I’m Tommy. I am husband to Shannan, pops to my 5 boys and daddy to my girl. I’m a Grandpa twenty times over. I am a pastor, a hot rodder, and I work to grow as a leader for God.

A little more about the family:

Shannan and I are 37 years into a great marriage. We have six grown children: five sons and a daughter, five more daughters by marriage, and a great son-in-law.

I serve as Senior Pastor of Spanish River Church in Boca Raton, Florida. My role is loving, serving, leading, teaching, and equipping our church for God’s work. I anchor our teaching team and provide overall leadership for our church in partnership with our leadership team. As to my education, I have doctorates from Fuller Theological Seminary and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.



Cars are also a key part of my life. Shannan and I are regulars on the Hot Rod Power Tour. You can follow my love of fast cars at my site, carsafari.com. I am also a reader: leadership, history, biography, theology, and novels. I get my batteries recharged through photography, by taking long walks, being a garage mechanic, and by working in the yard.

My Passion For Leadership

The Leader’s Life And Work . . . is the focus of my writing at leaderslifeandwork.com. I help leaders grow in character and competency. I explore leadership axioms, drawing out their wisdom and pushing back where conventional wisdom doesn’t square with God’s Word. The site is biblical, practical, and helpful for leaders everywhere! I also enjoy partnering with Capital Seminary & Graduate School where I help equip existing and emerging leaders for roles God has given them.