We're 50 And I'm Reflecting (Part 1)

Come and see what God has done: he is awesome in his deeds toward the children of man.
— Psalm 66:5 ESV

Anniversaries are time to celebrate. They are also times to reflect. Yesterday we celebrated our 50th Anniversary and reflected on all that God has done. Looking back gave us a fresh perspective on just how great God is.

If you watched the Super Bowl last night you know it was BIG. God is bigger!

  • God is so big he can call every star by name. Psalm 147:4
  • God is so big he can scoop up the oceans in the palm of his hand. Isaiah 40:12
  • God is so big he has numbered every hair of your head. Matthew 10:30

God is so big and so great that Paul writes, “God can do . . . far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!” Ephesians 3:20-21 The Message

I don't know how wild were the dreams of those who started Spanish River Church, but it is certain that God exceeded them.

Reflecting on all that God has done, I gleaned five crucial life lessons. I shared them with our church on Sunday. This week I am highlighting the lessons in a five-part series.

Lesson #1 -- If you want to see something big, look up!

Greg Hazle, one of our elders said about our church, "It is pretty clear that God is doing something here." That is the legacy of Spanish River Church. This is God's work!

  • The psalmist said, "Come and see what God has done: he is awesome in his deeds toward the children of man." Psalm 66:5 ESV
  • Solomon said, "Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain." Psalm 127:1 ESV
  • Jesus said, "I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Matthew 16:18 ESV
  • Founding Pastor David Nicholas said, "God is doing phenomenal stuff."

And because it is God who is doing the phenomenal stuff, we have learned to look up!

  • Need a place for this new church to meet? Look up!
  • Need $59,000 in 1971 to buy property to build? Look up!
  • Trouble in your marriage? Look up!
  • Difficulty in your business? Look up!
  • Want to see your children thrive? Look up!
  • Insurmountable obstacle? Look up!
  • Life in a mess? Look up.
  • Need God? Look up.

The people of Spanish River look up because we believe what Jesus said:

Apart from me you can do nothing.
— Jesus (John 15:5)

And we believe what Paul said:

I can do all things through him who strengthens me.
— Philippians 4:13 ESV

God hasn’t changed. He did amazing things in the life of the psalmist. He has been doing amazing things in the life of Spanish River. He is still doing amazing things today. So we look up.

God shows up when his people look up.

What is your challenge today? Look up!