Come take the journey!

Therefore, you should pray like this: Our Father in heaven . . .
— Matthew 6:9 CSB

When Jesus said, "Our Father in heaven," he was giving us significant insight into both the character and nature of God.

God is the intimate loving Father. He is also the omnipotent (all-powerful) ruler of heaven and earth. He relates to us as both. Because God is all-powerful and our loving Father we can pray big audacious prayers. I want to invite you to take that journey in prayer this week.

If you are not already on the journey with us, here are three ways to engage:

1. Read the Prayer devotional.

Daily insight and encouragement are right here. Simply download our 25-day devotional in ebook or PDF format. You can click here to get it.

2. Share with others.

Click here for some beautiful and practical images you can share on social. We also want to hear what God is teaching you as we travel together.

3. Worship on Sunday

If you are already a part of SRC or don't have church home, join us on Sunday as we continue our series, Prayer: What's Stopping You? Click here to view or listen to previous messages or to find out more.