Lessons From The Road: The Navigator Necessity

There are people who can't navigate their way out of a wet paper bag -- and then there is my wife. Shannan's navigational skills rival any GPS system. I don't need a TomTom, Garmin, or Magellan -- I have Shannan.

Let me explain.

The Hot Rod Power Tour is a rolling road trip that covers seven cities in seven days, with detailed driving dirctions for every leg of the trip. I drove. Shannan navigated. Here's a little taste of what my better half endured for one part of one day between the thriving metropolises of Miami, OK and Stillwater, OK:

  • 59.3 mi Continue straight on OK-10 South (Phillips 66 and Sinclair)
  • 84.9 mi Turn Right onto US-62 West/Brownfield Hwy
  • 87.6 mi Turn Left onto US-62 West/Muskogee Ave in downtown Muskogee
  • 117.4 mi Turn Left to continue on US-62 West/32nd St.
  • 118.4 mi Turn Right to continue on US-62 West/Okmulgee Ave (McDonald’s)
  • 120.2 mi Fork left to continue on US-62 West
  • 131.2 mi Stay Straight for OK-16 West (McWilliams Angus Beef Ranch @ corner)
  • 177.6 mi Turn Right to continue on OK-16 West (in Bristow – Valero/Kum & Go on corners)

Attention to detail is essential. Everyone knows you don't want to make a wrong turn at the McWilliams Angus Beef Ranch!

The folks from the Tour drove the route four times before printing it and my wife still discovered two mistakes. Yes, she's that good!If Shannan can't tell you much about the scenery on our trip it is because she was spending so much time looking down at the directions and our map!

Reflecting on my navigator got me thinking about the necessity of navigators in life, people responsible for helping us chart the course and stay on it. Psalm 119:105 reminds me,

"Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path."

God has graciously provided my driving directions, but that doesn't mean I will end up in the right place. I need friends who help me stay on God's path.

The road of life is not one that God wants you to travel alone. You need friends who will help you navigate the twists and turns. Moses had Aaron, David had Jonathan, Acquilla had Priscilla, and Barnabas had Paul.

Who is your navigator? 


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