Your Favorite Posts of 2011

Yesterday we took a look at my favorite posts from 2011. You can click here to see the complete list and read those that interest you. Today, it's your turn. Here are 12 of your favorite posts:

  1. The Danger of Looking Back. There is a world of difference between remembering yesterday and lingering in yesterday.  Here is a key lesson from the life of Time's Man of the Year. Click here to see this post that was by far the most read of 2011.
  2. Cheer Them On. Some people find fault like there is a reward for it. And then there are those who cheer! Click here to read more.
  3. What Creation Teaches Me About God. Beautiful pictures, simple truth, and the most talked about post from 2011. Click here to read more.
  4. You Can Climb Like Grandma Whitney. Hulda Crooks got her nickname, Grandma Whitney, by climbing the 14,500-foot Mount Whitney in California — twenty-three times! The last time she reached the summit she was eighty-nine. At ninety-one she scaled Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest peak. Click here to find out more about how to get her conquering spirit.
  5. Where Does Worry Come From?I never equated worry with arrogance — until I read these words from Tim Keller . . . . Click here to read more. You'll discover how to swap your fretting for God's peace.
  6. Let’s Eat. An early morning walk in Memphis, 52 restaurants, and one of the key lessons that has shaped my life. Click here to read more.
  7. The Best Path. God admonishes us to “listen” to wise guys. This post gives you the opportunity to do just that. It includes links to the writings of some of my wise friends. Click here to read more.
  8. Thanking God For The Fleas. If the trials of life have you scratching your head, if you are wondering, “God, where are you in this mess?” don’t give up — just click here to find help.
  9. Just What The Doctor Ordered. Sometimes it is hard to do just what the doctor ordered--but it is oh-so-important! Click here to read more.
  10. Why You Must Go To The Beach. It is tough to have our minds renewed in the ways and words of Christ when the old noggin is hunkered down under an incessant barrage of noise, the seemingly unstoppable hurry of life, and the jostling, distracting, and irritating bustle of crowds. That is why we must go to the beach . . . or the mountains . . . or the lake.  Click here to find out more about an essential lesson for renewing your spirit.
  11. God's Gift Of Art. Art always acts as an antidote against self-absorption, self-centeredness. Click here to read more.
  12. Traveling Light. No matter how strong your back, there are some things you were not meant to carry. Click here to discover 7 things God never intended to drag you down.

Thanks for investing time this past year to dig a little deeper in your walk with God. I look forward to what the Lord will teach us in 2012!