Brighter Than A Lighthouse

Headlights, streetlights, stoplights, flashlights, floodlights, neon lights, spotlights, searchlights! We’ve come a long way from candlelight. How far? The average flashlight, powered by two “D” batteries, casts a beam the equivalent of 8,000 candles (8,000 candlepower); a simple hand-held spotlight – 2,000,000 candlepower; the lighthouse built in the 19th century – 25,000,000 candlepower; the spotlight advertising the gala event – 600,000,000 candlepower!These lights brighten roads for nighttime drivers, illuminate the dark crevices of a foreboding attic, signal safety for maritime travelers, announce significant events, and protect the toes of all late night wanderers groping through a darkened house.

Artificial light is a wonderful thing, but not even 600,000,000 candles can match the brilliance of God’s word. The Bible illumines the mind. Its bright rays of hope penetrate the dark corners of a depressed heart. It signals danger, announces safe harbors, and advertises all the best God has to offer. No wonder the Psalmist said:

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. (Psalm 119:105 ESV)

If you are looking in the attic, take a flashlight. If nighttime safety is your concern, don’t forget your headlights. If advertisement is the name of the game, neon lights are a must. If you are announcing a grand opening, there’s nothing like a spotlight to make people look.  But if you are looking for safe harbor in the storm of life or a ray of hope for a burdened heart, the soft light to renew a romance or the brilliance that illumines the mind and gives direction to the soul, don’t light a candle; reach for your Bible.

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