You've seen it haven't you? That yellow ribbon with black lettering: C-A-U-T-I-O-N. It is the construction worker's friend and the bane of drivers and pedestrians who must submit and navigate around it. Some time ago I saw a triangle of yellow caution tape. The thin banner was wrapped around three of Bob's Barricades. At first I thought Bob and the yellow tape were protecting a newly formed drainage ditch in the road, but then I realized they were protecting me.

God's word is that way. At times it appears as a bothersome barricade, a long line of "caution tape" urging me to beware of this and watch out for that. But when I stop and think about it, I realize that God has rolled out his yellow ribbon not for His benefit, but for mine.

This morning I read Proverbs 7. In that passage, God wrapped his yellow tape around the wayward woman. "Don't go there!" he cautioned. Why does God say that? Because he wants me to experience the riches of a relationship with Shannan that can only come with purity. It's my benefit He's after!

The Psalmist makes it clear that God's CAUTION is ultimately God's protection:

"Guide my steps by your word, so I will not be overcome by any evil." (Psalm 119:133 NLT) "Those who love your law have great peace and do not stumble." (Psalm 119:165 NLT)

Try something different next time you open up the Good Book. Read until you find God's word of caution or admonition. Then stop and ask yourself two questions: (1) How is God trying to protect me? and (2) What does this tell me about God?

Contrary to the opinions of some, God is not a cosmic killjoy. His CAUTION TAPE is just one way he demonstrates His love!

STAY FOCUSED TODAY: Watch for barricades and caution tape along the road today. Let them serve as your reminder that God is out to protect you because He loves you.