Color Me Gray

Times have changed!  If the year were 1950 and your hair was turning gray, you just lived with it -- so did everyone else. Only 7% of the population colored their hair. According to a survey commissioned by Wella Professionals, today 92% of American women age 18-49 color their hair.

"Wella found that a whopping 72% of women felt more attractive after they dyed their hair; 69% felt more confident; 49% felt more sexy; and 42% felt more youthful."

Men are getting color crazy too! Home hair-color products for guys have soared fifty percent in the last five years. The most popular reason for men? To color the gray!

Why has gray been kicked out of the Crayola box? Apparently it says "old" to a society that screams for youth. Gray hasn't always experienced such discrimination. In fact, it used to be a darling of sorts. Take a look at how it is described in the passages below.

"Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained by living a godly life." (Proverbs 16:31 NLT) "The glory of the young men is their strength; but the splendor of old men is their gray hair." (Proverbs 20:29 ESV)

In case you are wondering, today's message is not "quit coloring!" There's no sin in being hooked on that bottle.

So what is my fascination with gray? Perhaps it is because their numbers are sprouting on my temples and falling in line with their brown brothers on the top of my head. But I hope it is more than that. I hope it is because I realize that godliness is more important than a magazine cover and following Jesus than abs of steel. For that matter, if silver sprouts are one of the signs of a godly life and a wealth of experience then color me gray any day!

STAY FOCUSED TODAY:Today look for gray hair. When you see it, breathe a prayer for wisdom.