Turn Off Niagara

The unimaginable happened on June 12, 1969. Niagara Falls was turned off!

Every minute of every day enough water spills over the massive falls to fill one million bathtubs. But on that day, the torrential was reduced to a trickle; the waterfall became a water fountain.  I am glad I was not in its path the moment the falls were once again turned loose. It doesn't take a physics major to understand that 202,000 cubic feet of charging water would give new meaning to the word "wipeout"! The fury would be devastating.

I think the writer of Proverbs understood the fury of raging water. He used the vivid picture to warn of the damage of emotions unleashed.

Beginning a quarrel is like opening a floodgate, so drop the matter before a dispute breaks out. (Proverbs 17:14 NLT)

Once unleashed, our emotions become a powerful force. They can become like the furious waters of Niagara, taking everything and everyone in its path over the edge. Knowing that danger, God says, "TURN OFF NIAGARA!"

Stop the quarrel—stop the danger.  It is that easy!

Is there a current of complaint running through your life? Is the silent stream becoming a rapid of angry emotions? Don't let the floodgate of fury unleash its power. Before the dispute breaks out, drop the matter. TURN OFF NIAGARA!

STAY FOCUSED TODAY: Every time you turn a water faucet on today, ask God to help you TURN NIAGARA OFF!