Money Mottos

In this day of free-flowing cash, money mottos abound. People love to repeat their mantras:

  • “There are some things money can’t buy, for everything else there’s MasterCard.”
  • “Greed is good!” Gordon Gekko
  • “Show me the money!” Jerry McGuire
  • “Time is money.”  Benjamin Franklin

Money mottos abound. But if you want to find the best money motto of all time open your wallet! Take out a dollar bill. If currency is in short supply, some pocket change will do. Every coin is stamped with the motto. Look closely and you will see the words: “In God We Trust.”  It is there printed on the back of every bill and on the front of every coin—the best money motto we can find.

The motto “In God We Trust” has a very interesting history. During the Civil War, Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon P. Chase, directed the Mint at Philadelphia to prepare a motto. In a letter he wrote to the Director of the Mint, Chase said, “Dear Sir: No nation can be strong except in the strength of God, or safe except in His defense.” As a result of that letter “In God We Trust” started appearing on coins in 1864 and on our paper money in 1957.  Chase knew what Solomon taught:

Trust in your money and down you go! But the godly flourish like leaves in spring. (Proverbs 11:28 NLT)

Pretty simple isn’t it? Money is unstable—God is not!  Trust in money and you’ll fall faster than a stock market crash. Trust in God and you’ll flourish like the green leaves blossoming at springtime. Why is this?

  • People who trust God don’t confuse their wallet with their worth. They know their true value is not measured by the size of their portfolio, but by the supremacy of God’s love.
  • People who trust God give and enjoy it more. They know that money given is money invested, and that God pays a great return.
  • People who trust God spend wisely and worry less. They know God will provide for the essentials.
  • People who trust God are secure. They know their true riches—a relationship with Christ—cannot be stolen, robbed, or fall victim to a hostile takeover.

Chase was right, “No nation can be strong except in the strength of God, or safe except in His defense.” “In God We Trust” is printed on your money, is it embedded in your heart?

FOCAL POINT: Keep a dollar bill or a coin in plain view today to remind you of the best money motto. When you look at it, thank God for your true riches.