The Seattle Kingdome was built in 1976. Construction took two years, 443 tons of structural steel, 53,000 cubic yards of concrete, hundreds of builders, and $67 million. Do you know how long it took to knock it down? Only 16.8 seconds!  What is true of the Seattle Kingdome is true of people. It takes a lot to build them up, but not much to knock them down. Perhaps that is why God reminds us to pass out kind words wherever we go: Kind words are like honey—sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. (Proverbs 16:24 NLT)

Kudos is a kind word. According to Webster, kudos is a compliment, accolade, or word of praise. People need kudos. When they get them, good things happen.

Show me an employer who passes out kudos and I’ll show you an employer who is going to see productivity, profitability and employee longevity reach new heights. Show me a parent who passes out kudos and I’ll show you a home where kids smile and the pleasant sighs of contentment can be heard. Show me kudos at school and I’ll show you students who will go the extra mile to learn. Show me kudos on any team and I’ll show you players who have a stronger will to work and to win.

Words are powerful!  We can use them as a wrecking ball or a healing balm. Refuse to get into the demolition business.  Instead, pass out kudos—sincere compliments from the heart. God is always looking for people to be a part of his construction team.

MY PRAYER: Father, please give me eyes to see the great efforts of people all around me. Help me pass out kudos—sincere compliments from my heart—to people on the job, in my family, and at my church.