The Trap

I couldn’t believe it; a bug bullied my daughter!  At four years and forty pounds, Bethany could have trounced the little intruder. But when the tiny beast stuck out its chest and challenged my princess to “step over this line,” not only did she back off, she ran away!  What would make a healthy girl who outweighs her opponent 640 ounces to one want to wave the white flag? Fear! Fear distorts reality. It turns fluttering bugs into flesh-eating savages. It transforms mice into lions. It makes the neighborhood bully look like King Kong. Fear causes us to think confronting a friend is like walking toward a firing squad.  Fear is a trap. Once sprung it holds us tightly in its grip. We feel powerless.

Have you been caught in the trap? Has the thought of “what might happen” kept you from taking a trip or just having some fun? Has fear put your sense of adventure on a very short leash? Has the thought of rejection put cold water on a kindled dream? Fear keeps us from thinking straight! Once caught in the jaws of fear we become paralyzed mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It weakens our will and silences our witness.

God has not destined us for the dungeon of fear. His children are royalty not paupers! God’s kids are “more than conquerors,” not cowering minions. Listen to God’s counsel for avoiding the trap called fear.

“Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.”  (Proverbs 29:25 NIV)

The answer to fear is faith. Faith says to God, “I trust you. I have confidence that you can protect me from what might be.”  Faith believes that even if our bad dreams come true God is still in control. Faith knows that God is able to sustain and deliver us. Faith emboldens us. It empowers us to walk confidently knowing God is on our side. Faith frees us from the trap of fear.

FOCAL POINT: Take a sheet of paper and write down your fears. Be honest. Above this list write, “These fears trap me!” Below the list write, “Faith in God frees me!” Give your fears to God in prayer. He will deliver you from The Trap.

Copyright © 2009 Tommy Kiedis