The Legacy of #13

  It didn't take me long to see it!  It was Sunday afternoon a few years back. I was enjoying a luxurious skybox seat at Dolphin Stadium in Miami (I know, "Life is tough!"). Many adoring fans were wearing jerseys of their favorite players so numbers were plenty: 34 for Ricky Williams, the bruising running back; 99 for defensive end Jason Taylor, and 54 for popular linebacker Zach Thomas. But what caught my attention was how many fans wore the jersey of #13, Dan Marino, a player who had already retired. Seeing Marino's number got me thinking about legacy. His stellar career has left some calling him, "the greatest passing quarterback to play the game". When it comes to the record book, Marino is among the best of the best. But there is another record book that deserves a peek. It is the book of God's activity called the Bible. As I turn its pages I see other players with captivating careers, players whose jerseys are worth wearing.

There is Tychicus, a blue-collar kind of guy, whose faithful help in the Lord's work earned him God's kudos (Ephesians 6:21); and Gaius, a man whose hospitality became the standard of excellence (Romans 16:23). Then there is the mother of Rufus who, like most moms, goes nameless yet is singled out for her selfless devotion to others (Romans 16:13); and Epaphras, a guy who wore out his jeans from spending so much time on his knees in prayer (Colossians 4:12).

You won't see their numbers on the back of any shirt and we will probably forget their names, but in God's book they have left a legacy. We can too.  Today do a little soul-searching. What is your contribution to God's team?  God never tells us to work on our legacy, but he does tell us to serve. Serve well and you’ll leave a legacy.

FOCAL POINT: It is football season; open up the sports page and tear out a picture of a player. Let it serve as your reminder to serve on God’s team.

Copyright © 2009 Tommy Kiedis