Hair Loss

Have you ever lost hair? It is a scary feeling!  One day some twenty-five years ago, in the midst of graduate work, I was sitting at my desk, head down, buried in my studies. Suddenly, I noticed little bristles falling in front of my face. I scratched my scalp and more hair rained down. Rogaine was not on the market—I was scared! Looking back, it was a stressful time of life: young child to support, professors to satisfy, an early morning paper route to supplement a meager income. There were lots of responsibilities and little time. My body reacted and I was left at my desk with mounds of work and enough hair for a toupee.

Sitting in the midst of such stressful times it is easy to think, “I’m the only one! No one knows what I am going through!”  But someone does know; someone does care!  Listen to what Jesus said:

Not even a sparrow, worth only half a penny, can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to him than a whole flock of sparrows. (Matthew 10:29-31 NLT)

Jesus directed these words to his disciples whom he was commissioning for public ministry. He gave them authority to cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead—these were going to be exciting days! Then Jesus began to talk about the pitfalls: no wages, hatred, persecution and even death! Suddenly, smiles faded as reality set in—this was going to be tough! If stress causes hair loss, Jesus knew these guys were potential candidates for the Hair Club For Men. So he reminds them of an important truth—they are valuable to God!  God knows what they are going through and he cares.

This morning or afternoon or evening—whenever you are reading this—God wants you to know that you matter to him. He’s got such a close eye on you that whether you are losing your hair, losing your cool, losing a business, losing your health, losing a job, or even losing a loved one, he knows and he cares.  God protects what he values. He will take care of you.

FOCUS: As you go about your day, check out all the different styles of hair.  As you are on "hair watch" let each new hairdo remind you that God knows you right down to the very hairs of your head. Why? He values you! And God always protects what he values.

Copyright © 2009 Tommy Kiedis