The Hot Poker Principle

If you want to stay fired up, you'll need a poker!

The fireplace poker rouses smoldering embers. A few jabs with the metal rod and a dead flame is reborn. Sparks fly, wood crackles, and soon a fire is raging again.

It doesn’t take a Ph.D. in Pokers to know that if you put the poker in the fire the rod gets hot; withdraw it and it cools off. That’s the essence of TheHot Poker Principle: stay close to people that keep you “hot." [1]

Paul understood The Hot Poker Principle. He was languishing in a Roman prison and deserted by friends. The embers of enthusiasm were waning. The cold draft of discouragement was intensifying. So Paul looked for the friend who would help him stay fired up.

Please come as soon as you can. Demas has deserted me because he loves the things of this life and has gone to Thessalonica. Crescens has gone to Galatia, and Titus has gone to Dalmatia. Only Luke is with me. Bring Mark with you when you come, for he will be helpful to me. 2 Timothy 4:9-11 NLT

Paul knew that he needed people who would help him accomplish his goals, encourage his heart, and stay true to God. Luke and Mark were two friends who helped fan those flames.

This is a powerful lesson. Examine Paul's life. Despite physical ailments, punishing difficulties, and relentless opposition he never burned out. In fact, he stayed red hot for God! What was his secret? Search Romans 16 or Colossians 4 and you will discover that Paul surrounded himself with Hot Poker People.

If you want to maintain your spiritual fervor, you can't do it alone! You need Hot Poker People. They are a gift from God. If you have them, count yourself blessed! If you need one, don’t delay! Join a men’s group, a ladies Bible study, a singles or couples group.

Connect with encouraging people who help keep your fires hot for God.

TAKE ACTION TODAY: Seek out a Hot Poker Person and/or thank someone who has been God's instrument to fan the flames in your life. 


1I learned The Hot Poker Principle years ago from John Maxwell. Thanks John!